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F the Comfort Zone!

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F the Comfort Zone!

Yes you heard me correctly, Forget your comfort zone. Why? Because nothing great ever happened to someone when they were living life "comfortably" or just to get by. Who wants to look back at life and "wish they did this or wish they did that?" The only way to truly grow as a person is to constantly push yourself to the limit; mentally and physically. In my mind, If you don't feel comfortable in what you are doing and it doesn't come easy, then you are doing something right; you are growing. When You are growing, you begin to see change...and that is when the motivation comes. Change spurs that motivation. The motivation to be better, think deeper, create more, want more, learn more, and just be more. That unrelenting drive that makes you feel on top of the world as if you could do anything.

Unfortunately, as I'm sure we all know or have experienced, motivation can be fleeting. It comes in spurts and no one is wired to be motivated all the time. You have to find motivation; look for it, crave it, want it, will it.

If you are constantly pushing yourself to do new things, to go out of your comfort zone, and to always be learning, that is where you will find constant growth, change, and motivation. That is where you will become the best version of yourself and the most successful. You will become to strongest you mentally and physically. You will find out not only what you are made of, but what you can make happen. It is when you overcome fears and step out of your norm, that you feel the most alive.


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