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13 Reasons Why

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After much personal use and tons of reviews, I have put together the top 13 reasons why you need to be training in our training aid, The Ultimate Lifting Sweatshirt! With adjustable Wrist Wraps, Heavy Duty Lifting Straps, and a Towel pocket all built-in, all the elements work together to create one of the most effective and efficient training aids you will ever use. From beginner to expert, you will get the most out of your training sessions and become addicted to the intensity it provides each and every time! Here they are...

13 Reasons Why You Should Be Training In Our Lifting Hoodie!

•Provides Wrist Support - Our hoodie has some of the highest quality wrist wraps built into it to provide wrist support and stability during push exercises (push ups, bench press, shoulder press, etc).

•Aides in Lifting Heavier - With Lifting Straps built-in, the sweatshirt Allows you to lift Heavier and enhances your grip during any pull exercise (pull ups, back rows, deadlifts, etc).

•Allows You To Ditch Your Gym Bag - Due to the fact that there are wrist wraps, lifting straps, and a towel built-in, you can now stop shuffling through your oversized and annoying to carry, gym bag and get in and out of the gym handsfree and more efficiently.

•Super Comfortable - Our training hoodie isn’t just badass and made from some of the best material, it is also one of the most comfortable hoodies you will ever own! Fleece lined and made with intent to intensify your workouts, you will find yourself wearing our hoodie even when you aren’t working out!

•Keeps Muscles Warm - One great thing about training in a hoodie is that it keeps your muscle warmer and may help avoid unnecessary injuries.

•Sweat Much More - If you own one, you know our hoodie is no ordinary hoodie. Made with high quality, thick fleece material, it was designed to severely increase the intensity of any workout. It truly is the perfect blend of cardio and weight training simultaneously. Just when you want to give up and take the hoodie off, if you want to use the gear attached, it forces you to keep the hoodie on and reach a level you never knew existed. Guaranteed To Be Drenched Every Time!

•More Hygienic - When was the last time you washed your wraps or straps? Instead of leaving them in your gym bag or in your car to smell and never get washed, having them built into the hoodie forces you to actually wash your gear and keep your belongings more hygienic. It can also keep you from leaving your gear (specifically your towel) all over the floor or on benches at the gym.

•Less Distracted/More Focused - When training with your muscles covered, you are less distracted by looking at yourself in the mirror and can be focused during your workouts. It may help you get more “in the zone” while training.

•Seamless, More Efficient Workouts - Being able to go from one workout to the next with no breaks in between or switching of gear is exactly what our hoodie provides. The lifting straps move out of the way into place holders located up the sleeves when not in use. You can go from one exercise to the next seamlessly and efficiently.

•Never Lose Your Gear Again - Did you know this was the main reason we actually created our hoodie!? That’s right! Due to my own personal demand to solve the problem of losing my gear, I just wanted see if I could make something with it all built in! Little did I know I was creating an extremely intense training aid! Now, with your gear attached, you never have to worry about losing one wrap or one strap or any of your gear again!

•Can Aid In Weight Loss - Even though our training hoodie was not originally intended for weight loss, we have had many customers come forth having lost significant weight while training in our hoodie. I have even personally trained customers first hand and have seen weight loss results over the course of training in our lifting sweatshirt. It really works! 

•Reach New Levels - Training in our hoodie is no joke and not for the faint hearted! With the gear already built-In and non removable, moments when you would want to take the hoodie off, if you want to use the gear attached, it forces you to keep the hoodie on and reach new heights and levels of intensity you never knew existed; truly pushing you to the max and getting the most out of your workouts. The intensity will be like no other you have ever experienced! 

•Love Is An Understatement - After selling thousands of hoodies and receiving tons of reviews and comments, we know one thing for will fall in love with our hoodie from the moment you try it on. Tried and true, this is going to become one of your go to training devices and the game changer you have been waiting for!

Are you ready to have some of the best, most intense workouts of your life?

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