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About Us


We are a brand new fitness line specializing in edgy, affordable apparel and gear. Our products are inspired by and created for individuals dedicated to the fitness lifestyle; in addition to those who just enjoy dressing in an athleisure style.

Reps Over Rest is a brand that is focused on motivating and inspiring individuals through our apparel, gear, and overall live a healthier, motivated, and more active lifestyle.  Our products are created with the fitness enthusiast in mind and we are constantly looking for new ways to improve and intensify the usual workout.  To begin our journey with you, we have released our first creation, The Ultimate Lifting Sweatshirt. We combined the popular use of wrist wraps and lifting straps with the ever so universal love of a sweatshirt. All the elements working together not only solves the problem of constantly losing/misplacing your gear, but also serves as an intense training aid.  Tired of losing your wraps and straps? Want to sweat more and lift heavier? 

See if you have what it takes to get through a workout in the hottest new training aid of the year! 

We are currently located and based out of New Jersey and have been in business since October 2015.



    Instagram/Twitter: @repsoverrest