"When I found fitness" Crop Tie T-shirt

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Talk about evoking a response!? From the moment we launched this new tie in front, crop t-shirt, we knew it was going to have to become a permanent addition to our line!

For all you women out there who can relate or resonate with this, please wear this proudly knowing you are not alone! This adorably cute and ever so true crop tee is super soft, lightweight, perfectly fit, and ties in front for that little something extra!

100% Cotton. Available in Black, White, Grey. 

"When I found fitness, I found myself.

When I found myself, I found my passion.

When I found my passion, I found my motivation.

When I found my motivation, I found my path.

Now that I have found my path, I WILL find a way." - Colleen Amrhein, Owner of R/R