Due to the situation at hand, when training hoodies sell out, we will not be opening up preorder for new styles until mid to end of September! Please stay safe and healthy!
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Ultimate Short Sleeve Sweatshirt

$ 40.00

Imagine combining your favorite t-shirt with your favorite hoodie. Sounds like heaven right!? 

Well, it is and that’s exactly what we have designed for you with this newest addition to our specialty, one-of-a-kind hoodies! 

Our fleece lined, hooded, short sleeve hoodies are not only something you can’t find anywhere else but they have sport towels BUILT-IN to your pocket and hood so you can wipe sweat and chalk off in between sets and cardio.  

Finally, you can benefit from and enjoy the intensity of our patented lifting sweatshirt but in the style, fit, and cut of a T-shirt style hoodie!

T-Shirt Hoodie Features:

•Fleece Material 

•Towel Lined Hood & Pocket

•T-Shirt, Short Sleeve Style

•Double Lined Sleeves for contrasting sleeves when rolled AND to hug biceps for warm, heat trapping feeling and fit 

•2 inches longer in back than front 

•Logo on left chest 

SIZE CHART (go with your normal T-shirt sizing for tighter fit and one size higher for looser fit)

S - 19” Shoulder/22” Chest/25-27” Length(Front/Back)

M - 20” Shoulder/24” Chest/26-28” Length(Front/Back)

L - 21” Shoulder/25” Chest/27-29” Length(Front/Back)

XL - 23” Shoulder/26” Chest/27-29” Length(Front/Back)

2XL - 24” Shoulder/27” Chest/28-30” Length(Front/Back)

3XL - 25” Shoulder/28” Chest/29-31” Length(Front/Back)

4XL - 26” Shoulder/29” Chest/30-32” Length(Front/Back)

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