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Cowl Towels

$ 22.00

There’s nothing better in this fast paced day in age than products that are completely hands free, convenient, hygienic and that make life a little easier...especially when it comes to working out! 

Our newest design and twist on your everyday gym towel is finally here! We’ve combined the convenience of a wearable, hooded scarf with the high quality material of a sport towel and made one of the most versatile and convenient towels of today! 

Easily wear your towel around your neck, wear as a hood, wipe sweat from your face, loop over the end of any bars/hooks, or wrap around any bench. 

Perfect for cardio, weight training, boxing, outdoor running, outdoor training, etc. 

Currently available in Black. 

White R/R logo embroidered.

15” Wide  x 25” Long 

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