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Heavy Duty Cotton Lifting Straps

$ 12.00 $ 15.00

Being known for our Ultimate Lifting Sweatshirt which has wrist wraps and lifting straps BUILT-IN, you know we only use the absolute best equipment to build our patented #1 training aid! Lucky enough, we sell the exact same straps separately but with a neoprene padding built-in to provide extra wrist protection, cushioning, and support. These heavy duty cotton lifting straps not only will help protect your hands from callouses, but will enhance your grip, allowing you to lift heavier weight or hold on for more reps! Stop worrying about your grip giving out and focus more on the muscle you are working! Great for any Pull or Hanging Exercises!

Heavy Duty Cotton Straps for weightlifting, bodybuilding, powerlifting, etc.

Available in Royal blue, Red, Grey Camo, Blue Camo and Black.

Usage: deadlifts, shrugs, rows, pull ups, hanging leg raises, etc. 

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